The Ouroboros Cabal


In the early 1800s, when the great conflict between the Awakened and the Seers came to a cold war style stand still, it became clear that in order to quickly respond to events and emergencies of supernatural natures a new kind of group was needed. A group who’s sole task was to investigate and neutralize threats to both the Awakened as well Humanity.
Thus it was, that The Awakened Council met for the second time in history and formed a one of a kind cabal known as Ouroboros. This Cabal was not formed of the people within it, but rather was a timeless cabal into which only the best of the best would be invited to be members.
The first group of Ouroboros members foiled the plans of a Fey Entity known only as Yz, to forcefully invade our world to enslave man kind. After that, it was 40 years before the cabal was reformed again to fight in the great civil war.
To date, the cabal has been reformed only 5 times (not counting this time) and each time the group has fought through great conflict and strife but always completed it’s objective.


As Ouroboros is a cabal directly formed under The Awakened Council, it isn’t under the Jurisdiction of any one Hierarch. The members of this cabal are essentially granted special permission to act above the law of Awakened Society, trusting that each of them will use the power granted to them wisely.
In the event, Ouroboros needs to answer for it’s actions, the The Awakened Council is to be called into session to make a decision on the matter. This has never happened in the 200 years since it’s creation.


To become a member of Ouroboros, one has to formally accept the invitation by appearing at the The Awakened Council session dedicated to it’s formation. Each member of the cabal is granted special privileges and control over other Awakened; a type of special forces power. All this essentially boils down to the words "Ouroboros asks of thee: " which are words every Awakened must heed. It is considered a capital crime of the highest hubris to not cooperate when a Ouroboros member speaks those words. That being said, those words have only been spoken less than 10 times since the cabal’s inception.
Members are chosen by a special committee of Mysterium Mages that call upon various spirits and Fate itself to determine who should be chosen. That is why often members might not seem to be “right for the job” or qualified, but to this point every mage that was chosen has completed their objective.

Social Status

Ouroboros members are viewed with much the same esteem as Mages with High Political standing. Most mages deeply respect the cabal and it’s purpose. There are some that view it jealously or think the formation of the cabal to be unjust. Many others believe the cabal to just be a show of the Awakened’s power and would like to see it destroyed.


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