The Assignment

1. Investigate Shady Skies

48 hours ago we received word from various Guardian of the Veil listening stations of a gigantic magical anomaly in the U.S. all pointing to a town in South Eastern Texas called “Shady Skies”. We haven’t seen a magical disturbance of this size for hundreds of years, and the cause is unknown.

24 hours after the incident, we deemed it safe enough to send a small group of 3 Operatives into Shady Skies. We lost contact with them immediately after entry. Efforts to contact them electronically or magically yielded no results, yet we were sure they were alive because while scrying didn’t show us actual images of them, it did confirm their vital signs.

As of today, they have not made contact with us, but magic shows they are still alive.

Even though every life is viewed as precious by the council, it has been decided that the investigation of Shady Skies is of the highest priority. The amount of magical energy it has been exuding has been steadily growing. It is believe that in 7 days, the area around Shady Skies will become unstable and abyssal portals will begin to open, letting in creatures from the Darkness. We cannot allow this to happen. Find out what is going on in Shady Skies and eliminate it!

2. Discover the Fate of the 3 Operatives

If you come across the whereabouts of the Operatives that were sent into the area, attempt to rescue them. This is not deemed a mission critical objective but would be a great boost to confidence.


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