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A Shady Skies Pamphlet:

“White Picket Fences and Barbecues on Sunday. Great Neighbors and childhood friends. The family pet, the soccer mom, and the Boy Scout troop.
Shady Skies is a places people go to experience the America dream. Close enough to the desert to feature a pleasant climate year round, but far enough away not to burn up, that’s Shady Skies.
Here, people really care about one another. Citizens are very involved in Neighbor Hood Watch and anti drug programs. Outsiders are given respect, but also stern supervision. Our citizens are weary of trouble, but love meeting new folks.
Looking for a family get away? How about Lake Forester? A beautiful lake, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, and lush vegetation. The fish always bite, and the water is always warm enough to swim.
Not the swimming type? No problem! Shady Skies features many open areas available for hunting, and hundreds of nature trails for the hiking enthusiast.

So what are you waiting for! Come on down to Shady Skies! You’ll love it here so much, you’ll never want to leave!"

Scribbled on the back with pen:

“Don’t believe the lies!!!! When was the last time you left Shady Skies? Can’t remember? That’s because we can’t leave! EVER! Nobody seems to notice, except a few people. What’s going on in this place? Ever since I found out, I’m constantly being followed, I”m sure of it now. Whoever gets this message, get out while you still…" the message ends there, small blood droplets stain the paper.

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