Getting Started

Greetings Recruit,

The Council has selected you to be one member of the cabal designated “Ouroboros”. This cabal is formed of selected individuals that represent the best of the best of the North American Mage Society. Each of you has been chosen due to your past experience and skills in fields that have been deemed valuable for this assignment. As a member of Ouroboros, you will be investigating, combating and solving mysteries of a less than natural nature. Ouroboros has been designated need to know, and only a select few, including the members of this group, know if it’s existence.

For further information on your assignment, equipment and roles please read the following documents and once ready, report to the Hierarch’s chambers.

The Ouroboros Cabal
The Assignment
Your Dossier
Equipment and Compensation

May the Oracles smile upon you, Good day.

Getting Started

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